Magnuson Professional Dog Walkers' Association

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Members Responsibilities & Code of Conduct

I am up to date with city and state business licenses and liability insurance.

I adhere to Seattle City OLA park rules and regulations.  

I strive to leave the park cleaner than it was upon arrival. 

I diligently "scoop poop" regardless of if its source. 

I agree to abide by pack size limits posted for each Seattle dog park, if/when such limits are imposed by the city. (Courtesy limit of 10 dogs OR LESS for Magnuson.)

All dogs are on leash both to and from the dog park.

All of my dogs are well socialized before entering the park and well behaved while in the park.

I strive for my dogs to enter into the dog park in a calm manner.

I avoid lingering around gates with my pack, especially when a new dog is entering the park.  This will help avoid a mob or prey mentality and will help ensure safety for everyone.

I display a cooperative and professional attitude while in the park at all times.  I do not lose my temper, yell, or cuss at any dog or human.  If human conflict arises, I am civil and respectful in the midst of disagreement. 

I carry a list of license numbers and client contact information for each of my dogs at all times.

I do not leave dogs unattended in the park at any time.  If I need to leave for an urgent matter, I ask another dog walker to briefly watch my pack.  I do not leave dogs unattended in the park in order to bring in a second group of dogs.

I am conscientious and courteous of other park users when entering and exiting the park.  I bring all my leashed dogs in to the park and as much off to the side as is practical.  I do not unleash inside the double gate.  This creates congestion.  Upon preparing to leave the park, I leash my group before going into the double gate.

I am careful to not leave dogs unattended in my vehicle for extended periods of time, especially in the summer.

I am pet CPR/First Aid certified

I am knowledgeable in how to break up dog fights. 

I am an ally to other dog walkers. 

None of my dogs are in heat.  All male dogs over one year old are neutered, well socialized, under my control, and do not create drama or conflict with other dogs.  

All dogs are over 4 months of age and are up to date on vaccinations and are healthy to the best of my knowledge.

I do not linger on my cell phone while in the park.  I use it for taking photos of my dogs or in case of emergencies.

I remain active with my dogs and attentive, keeping them in view at all times.  I am always walking, fetching, and or playing.  

I avoid being stationary in the park and I avoid standing around talking or excessively socializing with humans. I avoid overcrowding areas with my pack.

I value professional growth by seeking to learn from science based educational materials and programs.

**Updated December 2015**