Magnuson Professional Dog Walkers' Association

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Meet the Dog Walkers

When looking for a dog walker be sure to ask for their professional business license, liability insurance and for client references. While this site allows a listing of the dog walkers that use Magnuson Park it does not give recommendations nor does it govern over the dog walking companies to enforce any rules or regulations. Please do your own due diligence when looking to hire a professional.

A. Stormy Day Pet Services    Amanda Day
Services:Off-Leash trips & Leashed Walks

Service Area: Phinney Ridge, Lake City and North Seattle

Buddy's Doggy Care    June Chang    206.783.6968  
Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area: Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, Fremont & Wallingford

Dog Bone    Cassidy Douglass    206.579.3666  
Services:Off-Leash trips, Leashed Walkes & Pet Sitting

Service Area: Seattle Area

Four Legged Friends    Liza White    206.618.5363    www.fourleggedfriendsseattle.coml
Services:Off-Leash trips, Dog Walking, Boarding & Pet Care

Service Area: 65th corridor from Ballard to Magnuson Park

Hazel's Dog Walking    Veronica Wolf    206.321.5237
Services:Off-Leash trips, Private Leashed-Walks, Stop-In Pet Sitting & Overnight Vacation Care

Service Area: Magnolia, Queen Anne & Ballard

Homeward Hound    Kelsey Sowell    206.779.6581  
Services:Off-Leash trips & Leashed Walks

Service Area: North Seattle area

Waggin Tails Pet Care    Jacki Phoenix    206.715.7449
Services:Doggie Daycare, Off-Leash trips, Boarding, Puppy Care, Positive Training, Leashed Walks & New Puppy Consulations

Service Area: Ravenna, Laurlhurst, Hawthorne Hills, View Ridge, Bryant, Sand Point, Wallingford, Greenlake, Phinney Ridge, Ballard, Fremont, Wedgwood, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Magnolia, Downtown Seattle & Bellevue

JB's UrbanDogs    JB Larson    206.432.9865
Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area: Downtown Seattle (Pioneer Square - First Hill), Capitol Hill, Montlake, Madison Park & Laurlhurst

K-9 Social Club    Sharon Ellis    206.406.6563
Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area: Eastlake, Montlake, Capitol Hill, Madison Park, Madrona & Leschi

Leave it to Lauren   Lauren Harlow
Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area: Seattle area

Moochy Poochy    Karyn Johnson    206.979.3842
Services:Off-Leash trips, Dag Walking & Pet Sitting

Service Area: Capitol Hill

Puppy Love Pet Care    Julie Russell   206.372.7855
Services:Off-Leash trips, Leashed Walks, In-Home Visits and In-Home Pet Sitting

Service Area: North Seattle Area

Right of Way Dog Walking Co.    Kristie Koomler    206.498.3376
Services:Off-Leash trips, Pet Care visits & Private Walks

Service Area: Ballard, Crown Hill, North Beach, Broadview, Fremont, Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, Greenlake, Wallingford, Ravenna, U-District, Sand Point, Maple Leaf & Wedgwood

Rocket Dog Care    Holly Rose    206.890.3035   
Services:Off-Leash trips

Seattle Hounders    Matt Meyers   518.929.7790
Services:Off-Leash trips, Leashed Walks, Puppy Visits & In-Home Pet Sitting

Service Area: Wallingford, Greenlake, Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, Maple Leaf, Ravenna, Wedgewood and View Ridge

Seattle Offleash   Amanda Webster    206.473.0598
Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area: Capitol Hill, Central District, Beacon Hill, SLU, Belltown, Madison Park, Montlake, U-Dist, Wallingford, Greenlake, Fremont & Ballard

Sir Pets Dog Walking   Jesse Cole    808.753.7197
Services:Off-Leash trips, Leashed Walks, Potty Breaks & In-Home Pet Sitting

Service Area: Queen Anne, Fremont, Ballard, U-District and Phinney Ridge

The Canine Collective    Ian Iddings    206.743.7160
Services:Off-Leash trips, Private Dog Walks, Pet Sitting & Canine Assisted Therapy

Service Area: Ballard, Broadview, Wedgewood, U-District, Wallingford, Fremont, Lake City, Phinney Ridge & Greek Lake

Walkabout Pet Care, LLC.    Sara Kimmel   206.228.7722
Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area: Queen Anne, Belltown, South Lake Union & North Capitol Hill

Walkabout Northwest    Robert & Emma Westphal    206.380.4713
Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area

What Now Bow Wow    Carrie Nolen   206.321.6364
Services:Off-Leash trips, New Puppy Consulting & In-Home Pet-Sitting / Vacation Care

Service Area: Queen Anne, Magnolia, Ballard, & North Seattle

This Dog's Day   Jason Tesoriero    425.780.6296

Services:Off-Leash trips

Service Area: Ballard, Fremont and Wallingford